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After her own experience with divorce, she set out to learn everything that she could about relationships and developed her own model for “grown up” dating.Lisa is a genuine person, full of warmth and positive ideas.Everyone, both men and women, has a fear of rejection. I used to be a bundle of powerlessness and pessimism when it came to dating, much less love.If you are like many women in the community, the concept of senior dating probably sounds about as appealing as watching paint dry.For starters, no-one wants to think of themselves as a senior, even if they are in their 60s.

"I passed my Bar exam with Honours, my boss has since left our firm & with Elizabeth's coaching I'm making the most of the opportunity" Hi - I don't know whether you have been single for a while or whether you have just come out of a relationship.I also believe that her practical tips will help many women in the community to give dating another shot.Here’s what I learned from Lisa: Facing and coming to terms with a lifetime of relationship ups and downs takes confidence.According to Lisa, after one relationship ends, it’s critical to enter the dating world with a clear understanding of your motivations, goals and desires.Another big difference with dating after 60 is that, unlike when we were teenagers, we can’t necessarily expect men to make the first move.

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