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She pointed out that the high-profile outbreak of HIV in southern Indiana’s rural Scott County last year led to a short-term boost of people who wanted to get tested.The 2015 outbreak in Scott County was traced to injection drug abuse by users of the painkiller Opana.But of all the 400 clients the agency serves, 88 percent of the HIV cases were sex-related, while just 2.5 percent resulted from drug use.The statistics from AIDS Ministries/AIDS Assist, which serves six counties, represent only a snapshot of new HIV cases in the Michiana area, as other agencies conduct testing and the Indiana State Department of Health maintains all data for individual counties.He taught courses in art education, ceramics, photography, drafting and architectural design. Bartel continues as a consultant, lecturer, workshop and seminar leader in art education and in creativity education.His essays are posted at his Art Education website.

Hopper said statistics were not immediately available this week on the number of new clients who reported drug use as the source of their HIV diagnosis.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.There are a couple of singles dances in the South Bend, Elkhart area. Of those new HIV patients, 60 percent were younger than age 30.“The thing we’re seeing the most is young people being HIV positive, with most being diagnosed through sex,” said Leeah Hopper, the agency’s director. Joseph County alone recorded 17 new HIV cases through June of this year, putting it on pace to surpass the 19 new cases for all of 2015, according to statistics from the Indiana State Department of Health.“It shows the importance of knowing your status, whether positive or negative, and starting to educate the youth in high schools, repetitively getting that message across of protecting yourself and what could happen if you don’t.”While AIDS Ministries/AIDS Assist conducted 11 new positive tests, the organization saw a total of 35 new HIV patients, including new referrals, through the first half of the year, Hopper said. Elkhart, La Porte and Marshall counties each saw fewer than five new cases through June this year, keeping the rate flat in those counties compared with 2015.

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