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In a blog for the Huffington Post, the Council of Europe, which the ECHR is a part of, said coverage of this week's ruling had "set something of a new benchmark" for mis-reporting of Europe's institutions."Numerous outlets - primarily, but not exclusively, from the UK - have portrayed Tuesday's judgment as giving bosses across the continent a new 'right' to snoop on all of their staff's personal messages sent using Facebook, Twitter, What's App, Gmail or any other platform," wrote Council of Europe spokesperson Andrew Cutting."It sounds scary, and it makes a good story, but it's not true."Cutting wrote that the ECHR cannot "invent new rights which instantly apply" and that no legislation had changed in any of the Council of Europe's 46-member states, including the UK.

Facebook has added sleuthing to its array of data-mining capabilities, scanning your posts and chats for criminal activity.

As most people now use Whats App or Facebook more than Yahoo, the headlines focused on the more recent messaging apps.

You sent it to the wrong person, but did you get the videos? He couldn’t—because he couldn’t—he couldn’t tell who I was sending it to.We have also cut out some mundane chit-chat—Bentley discussing the weather, Mason apparently talking to him about music—between the two alleged lovers.What’s left is a conversation between two people who, as’s original snippet made clear, were clearly in the midst of an intense relationship that they nonetheless needed to keep secret.[There was a video here]In 2014, when he was still married to his now-ex wife Dianne, Alabama governor Robert Bentley was secretly recorded talking to his alleged mistress Rebekah Caldwell-Mason, who is also one of his closest advisors. The two-minute long snippet posted by the newspaper captured Bentley describing both physical and emotional intimacy with Mason, who currently serves as the governor’s senior political advisor.Above, you can hear relevant parts of the entire 14-minute recording obtained by Gawker, the full contents of which have not been previously published. Like, we have edited it down to erase periods of silence in the recording during which Bentley is listening to Mason speak to him.

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